It’s Easy To Handle Cute Little Monsters


Parenting is not as easy task as it is taken it is the whole nurturing of plant which will become the part of the society , “from Melina Trump to Sally Faulkner every mother is a gem in her self.” parenting involves both a father and mother a good co-ordination between them can make positive outcomes , but some times it’s a challenge for mother or father where both the parties are separated . still good concentration on your child can give them good moral value and quality life . Many people think parenting have become hard from past few years , Yes it is as the time is changing new technologies have evolved which is taking parents and children around it self. I too have been noticing the change it was a time when our mother and grand mother use to do their daily home chores easily while attending good parenting but now in this busy world of social sites a parent have to deal all the issues regarding cyber bullying , a keen watch on their child’s Facebook account plus maintaining their own accounts , well now all these things are part of life and we have to deal it with smooth parenting solutions . For this there are some do’s and don’ts.

First we will talk about the don’ts because it’s parents exercise and you are the primary subject in this topic

Don’t be too forceful to your child that if you are saying him to do his home chores right now and he is being lazy let him do it in his own speed he is a child not elder than you , so never expect a helicopter speed from him , if he or she once do their given task quickly appreciate their work make them realize that they have done some thing to reach your expectations this will develop an enthusiasm in a child to follow your command .

Suspicion parenting is also a major problem in our society and a significant reason for the lack of trust between a child and his parents. Parents often act like a detective and have keen watch on their children with their random investigating CIA mode . If you think your keen watch knowledge to your child will refrain them from doing the secret activities or things you don’t like you are absolutely wrong by being suspicion and investigating officer will make him more cunning and will eventually do the things he wanted to do while secretly knowing all your moves . If you want to stop your child for this you have to tell him about the cons of that particular activity . I promise he won’t do it again , keep your keen watch but don’t be so investigative.

“Sarah’s result is excellent you both are in same class but why you got such low marks Elif ” there are many resembling dialogues which are heard by almost every child . Have you ever notice when you are comparing your child with another child did ever feel to compare yourself with their parents certainly not . have you ever think why ? From now you must start thinking just consider or have a flash back to your memory that you have compared your child with his cousin or friend are you really like their parents from whom you comparing your child perfectly NOT and how could you be ? because every person is different in it’s own way so accept it your child will also be different if you want him ti be like specific child so treat your child how his parents are treating him or providing your child those circumstances.

As a parent we are very anxious about our child we don’t want anything to harm them and parents become almost paranoid they wanted to safe their children from cyber bullying to pinprick and in this case parents go so far away that they start handling their child issues by their own and sets the step for specticism that they can’t do any thing by their own . It’s good to be supportive but some times parents must sit back and relax and let their child handle their problem so that they can realize how they can solve their hurdles and can be confident to live life on their own.

“Over protective parents raise the best liars.” and it’s true few parents always cover the lies and mistakes of their children just to show their noble parenting that nothing is wrong in their raising and they are the perfect example of good parents but in real they are actually teaching their chill to become a good and expert liar and eventually the child will start lying to them too and from there the bell of danger rings . Be protective but not too much that your child do any thing wrong and is always confident of your support .once you will not support them in their lies after some time they will understand that our parents are principal centered so will only support our right gestures.

There are also few do’s which can improve your parenting

If your child is too much demanding like whenever you go market if he finds a toy , book or dress of his own choice and you usually get out of budget because of his continuous demands let him acknowledge with love that his previous stuff is already been placed in his cupboards without being used or used once or twice assure him that you can buy these things but it would be a waste instead try to make him realize that these money rather been wasted over it should be saved in saving pot and create a habit of saving money , give him idea that from these saved money he can buy a new bicycle or any other bit high price item . This will low your burden of getting every time new things and you can also manage the high price stuff like automatic toy cars , bicycle or a tree house .

The nerve wrecking ones , Once they want something or wanted to do any activity of their choice it’s hard to divert them but being parent it’s your duty to navigate them don’t afraid to say them “NO”there habit of being stubborn is made because they are use to of listening Yes , make them perceive that the world is not theirs only it belongs to others too and their wishes involves them too so it is not possible for every one to cope with their stubborn behavior , they have to make themselves right and their is no issue if you negotiate with your child and make him think may be it’s not right time or right way to do particular thing , teach them that stubborn people sometimes loose very precious and golden moments give them example of people around them those who have patience and are happy and successful

To treat these type of child you need to understand that what have made them a pessimist child . My be failure in certain things or back to back failure in particular thing or it may be difficulty in learning their course subjects usually pessimist child is afraid of loosing he or she consider himself as looser at this time your supportive behavior can save them . Try to talk with them and buckup your child that you are with him no matter if he fails he or she must try again , you yourself try to master the things he wants to do so it would be easier for you to guide him.

A hoggish child is difficult to tackle . He never shares his food , toys or cloths with any one neither with the siblings even but have eyes on their properties always wants to grab others material . Teach him the benefits of sharing and do practice sharing in front of him whenever you buy a thing give him big amount from it and make him learn what is yours is yours and whatever is of others is theirs the world will treat you the ways you treat it .

A mischievous child never relax he have built-in springs attached in body or is like a speed car whose engine never fails he or she always try to do something extra ordinary. A very easy tip for these type of kids is to make them busy in any type of activity and try to divert their attention whenever they are planning or doing something mischievous.

the last advice I like to give is negotiate with your child it’s the best option don’t be too bossy try to find out whats going in your child’s mind remember


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It's Easy To Handle Cute Little Monsters

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  1. This is a very informative post. I love how you broke down different parenting styles, as well s outlined how to handle different behaviours in children. Great work! 🙂

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