Wedding Anniversary Ideas


Wedding anniversaries are the precious moments in person’s life. These valuable dates should be celebrated to revive those lovely moments which you have been enjoying throughout the whole year if you are newlywed couple or have been enjoying through many years, it could be good occasion to let your partner know how much you love him or her and how much they have filled your life with love.
I remember my first wedding anniversary when I was pregnant with our second child, it was a happy moment because we had passed those months of fear in which we lost our first child although I was on complete bed rest and couldn’t go out. My husband surprised me, He came home with flower bouquets, cakes and a pretty dress for me what a lovely scene it was I remember everything of it. We threw a big party at our home on our 2 anniversary there were so many guests to cherish that day and on our 3rd wedding anniversary we had dinner in a restaurant had middle east dishes in menu and now planning for 4 in 2017 . Here are the few tips or guide to make your wedding anniversary in budget.

Inexpensive Gifts:

If your anniversary is near and you are getting out of budget thinking what to do for your spouse?? you can make your wedding anniversary exciting in a frugal way by giving inexpensive gifts to each other , it’s not necessary that cheap gifts don’t worth if it’s given by heart nothing is more expensive than those presents it perks your life .
Glitter your day!


Photo frame is the best idea to recall your lovely moment you can give him or her a photo frame with your best picture in it or make a collage of your good pics, otherwise wall set of photo frames is also a good idea.

livingwaysou-blog-image-lamp-shades This a great idea to collect all your memories and compile it in a lit to a long lasting relationship, this won’t cost you too much but a worth full one to celebrate your big day and an addition of allure piece in your room.


Printed mugs is also an adroit idea to make your partner feel special , you can print a poem written by yourself on it or your feelings , special words for him or her.


These are usually the first option for almost every couple, latest trends or design can be a wise choice, there is a vast variety if you choose this option and you can easily make a good decision else you can gift your partner the scent he or she used first night.
A chain locket with picture inside of you and your partner. It’s a wonderful and thoughtful gift to rejoice your partner’s love.


There are so many restaurants which gives cheap dinner deals and decorations according to occasions you can go and find out or surf on internet which restaurant is providing an economical deal and let your wedding anniversary a memorable day for you. Your saved vouchers can work out good for this day, by adding you wedding or first date menu to the deal can make it suspicion and a cool reminder to good days or else you can try something new like it may be those dishes haven’t touched your taste buds yet any other region food can be a good idea.
Save the date!

Cinema At Home:

Make your own cinema at home by setting up a home theater, download your favorite movies and watch them together or else you can watch the latest movie inn these days, try to watch the movie which depict your love story. Your favorite actor or actress movie is also a fine option
Recall the lovely moments!

House Party:

Throw a small house party in your backyard, by inviting your families or just friends, put a note book on party table and ask them to give you advises for healthy relationship, for HI-TEA arrange it by doing little stuff at home or go for cheap catering services it will help you a lot to be in budget and do your best to celebrate your day.
Shout loud!

Change The Closet:

By changing the closet I really don’t mean that you have to throw the whole old wardrobe and fit the new one just before the wedding anniversary, No really not just plan 6 months before you can grab offers or jump into sales as you have plenty of time to buy clothes or other accessories this will be managed very easily and on the wedding anniversary date just surprise him or her, this will definitely pop up the heart of your partner, he or she will feel special and very lucky.
Be frugal!

Candle Light Dinner:

Candle light dinner always sound good and promising, this may be the best way to acknowledge each other and will become more lightening when you going to have it at home, go for shopping together for the ingredients or the decoration candles you want. Lime light and delicious meal with love will become your exotic memory in this beautiful journey of life. After dinner you can discuss your future planning’s and ideas for what to do next or how you can make your life more productive.
Love is in the air!

Make Cake:

Without cake the celebration looks incomplete, Both of you can plan and work for making a super wedding cake just decide a theme or go simple, divide the work one can do baking and other can go for decoration of cake this joint work can give you enjoyable moments and a lot of fun both of you can help each other, good smile, giggles and laughter’s and a good recipe can make the cake extra super.
DO Team Work!


Charity is a good and very pensive idea to do good deeds and show your love to those who really need it, go to an old house or orphanage donate some money or what your budget call to do.
Be helpful!

Photo shoot:

Hunt a high quality and reasonable photographer who can do your photo shoot, search for different places in town where you think you can make quality pictures, shopping malls or monuments can be fine idea make album of it.
Say Cheese!


Ring is a sign of love like flowers , its isn’t necessary to give your partner an exorbitant ring of gold or diamond its fine if you go for sterling silver rings with initials of your names on it . This cozy surprise is a love and a good investment as it can be used forever this won’t get dull.
Ring a bell with the ring!

Stay in Resort:

Resort is always a wise choice over hotel and is more economical, people think it’s not good enough to buy bit high price resort pass rather than they choose to stay in hotel but resort includes many other options too to enjoy your day, search for good resort in your budget which is more advantageous over the money you are paying. You can experience boating, playing indoor or outdoor games nothing to worry about for the whole day everything will be manage by the management.
Just enjoy your day!

Decorate your room:

Room decor is really a romantic idea and can take you to the tour close to your first night with your partner, Red is lovey-dovey color to match with this occasion and what if you choose light music to go on. It would be a great plan to revive your past event and show your partner how much you care for him or her, make them feel special like they are the only one in your life.
Spice up your love!

One Day Leave:

No office no tension only you and your spouse on your day, leave your cell phone and all the gadgets behind which keep you far away from the person you passionate about and live for, spend your day with him or her go out enjoy or do help each other in home chores, discuss about your life, children, future planning’s, let each other know how much you care and love this will help to grow intense relation between you and will open the ways to communicate blatantly good discussions always have great outputs.
Only Me and You!

Love Letter:


Nothing is more pure than the words which your heart says, these words are the real emotions and feelings what if you write all that you endure after meeting your life mate that how your life is changed by their existence, what you like about him or her most or why you wanted to be them in your life those perky words can design your love in their heart in a new way. Below few tips can help you write the love letter

1. You can explain your love by writing a song for him or her
2. Heart shaped letter pad is a creative idea
3. Write 10 reasons why you love him or her
4. Love letter explode box can work best
5. write poetry for him or her
Say it all!


Saloons or beauty parlors who says no for it, it’s a good deal to go for makeover on your anniversary, choose a saloon which provides services for both men and women go at the same place, just a hair dye or haircut, manicure, pedicure and wax can give you attractive look
Look like a star!

Play your favorite game:

After living so many months and years together you would surely get to know what your spouse love to play. My favorite game is scrabble we usually play to make our Saturday nights better. This healthy activity can boost your energy and make relieve all your tensions. Make sure your partner win the game losing a game can make you win him or her.
Games are never boring!

Relationship Goals:

Make relationship goals what you wanted to do, what are your main priorities keep focus over the things that have been building your relationship more strong and what things can make it stronger, set your goals and time period to achieve it. Remember good health should also be your goal because good health leads good life, make responsibility to take care of each other’s health.
Be with each other forever!


Flowers with pleasing fragrance can make your spouse day. They aren’t even that expensive you can buy in bulk, decorate your bedroom or living room with those flowers which your partner like or match the color of flowers with the dress your spouse wearing. You can also match the number of flowers or flower bouquets with you anniversary number.
Bloom like flower!


To give your partner a good experience is also a way to celebrate your anniversary, if he or she is afraid of something motivate them to enjoy leave the fear behind give them confidence that you are with him or her. You can go for hiking, skiing, climbing, and snowboarding find the cheapest source which can give these entertainments
Live the moment!

Make Video:

Make your anniversary day video. Enjoy the whole day doing funny things. You can mix it with your wedding video or the song you both like most, record messages for each other. Define precisely in video what day is it and what’s the weather right now.
Direct your day!

Hope these ideas would help you to celebrate your anniversary in delightful way. Everything is possible it’s not necessary to spend large amount of money you can do it in simple way by keeping yourself in budget to all the readers who might be searching for anniversary ideas “Happy wedding anniversary” to them, live your live happily try to accept each other with whatever flaws your spouse carry.
Just be with HIM or HER.

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  1. Last anniversary in March we went to a really nice dinner in SF. So nice. I wish to take a trip somewhere next year since it’ll be our 12th anniversary!

  2. Some really sweet ideas in here! It’s our fifth wedding anniversary this year and I’m so glad I read your post to get me thinking about it before it’s too late to do anything special!!! Fingers crossed for a candlelit dinner…

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