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You see few blogs going viral on daily basis there are so many readers at their websites and create a heavy traffic there, You would b wondering how it happens which magic stick do they have so they create a buzz of viral blogs. Even i use to be amazed that how this all is happening but after working and observing for past few days i have learnt many thing which i am sure will be very useful for you guys too and could help you in raising your blog.

  1. write about the latest affairs or events going on. You can give tips and tricks , how you see the event or you can write about your experience regarding the event. Interviewing others and knowing their point of views can give you a big piece of information which will be advantageous to your blog . A conclusion for your readers by the help of people will give less cons in your article.
  2. ┬áIt’s very important to know what people usually search. what are the topics for which people rely on internet as best source. seek for the things in which people take the reading interest and make them stick to the post
  3. Make wide categories in your blog so that you have a lot more to put in it. the more categories you have the more depth and opinion to share with the audience you have and to know theirs.
  4. select that kind of topics in which you are sure that people will definitely be sharing it with their known ones the topic should be enough entertaining that it must be worth sharing
  5. Try to put more information on the subject you choose, you should have command over the subject you writing on. sufficient knowledge to give comprehensive detail on topic
  6. Don’t make extreme lengthy posts, above i mention that detail should be comprehensive but not that much lengthy that it become creepy for the reader to read and stick over that it should be detailed and interesting
  7. provide authentic information to the readers for that you have to do a little research, it will take time and hard work but it’s worth doing
  8. put love and effort in your blog. whatever you write, write by your heart put your feelings to interact with your readers.

About the author: Hira Hashmani

Hi my name is Hira Fatima Hashmani. I am married woman and a mother of 1 kid. I love finding solutions for the problems rather than quitting from troubles. I write blogs to help people and try my best to make their life easy. Contact Details: livingwaysout@gmail.com

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