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Everyday you surf on internet checking out various websites and get yourself flooded with the latest information. You share that information, comment on them and show diverse perspective regarding that piece of information. That’s truly amazing that you just google any thing and it’s there with tons of knowledge . Hence this hard-work is paid off when the bloggers are appreciated. so I am here with a little bit of information that how it all works.

As a blogger my duty starts….. oh sorry it’s an on going process, my mind is always working on what to do next, how can I entertain people with my words or knowledge which I get, while getting indulge in my home chores whole day highhandedly and taking care of a child I some how manage my blogging career. I handle all the tweets, my fb page and insta as I am a social person so it’s an easy task for me to maintain my social accounts and since childhood I was so much devoted to writing.

I get up 6:30 in the morning, after having breakfast with my husband I see off him for office. I do all the house chores in which my maid helps me , after getting free from all the work I sit with my laptop, visit my website and other connecting social sites, I do check my e-mails, go through comment sections to approve them, in same series of work I write blogs and throw their teasers on my social accounts as I threw the teaser of this blog few days before. It usually take 1.5 hour to write a blog but if I am on my regular working track it hardly takes 45 minutes, Some times I get side tracked due to some circumstances then I shift my schedule to evening and do the same. Before going to bed it’s my hobby to read any book or material on websites that’s how I get motivation to write, This blogging career have bought me a business and who says no when it comes to extra cash so I pay attention at that side too and other things are also controlled by my SEO. This blogging platform has given me a chance to express my self  and I am really enjoying this journey.

As it’s a dream of every blogger to to be connected globally and to be known because of his words. I have seen many bloggers who get famous instantly it’s just because of their consistent working, content and devotion. While few take time but it’s an enchanting journey to set your career and definitely gives you the best outcome. Let me tell you another thing to keep in mind that not every blogger is rich neither poor. It depends how much time and dedication you give to your work by following some basic tips like pop up your blog

This might help you and there is so much staying power of a blogger is involved when you read a blog. your comments appreciate us. If  you like the article share it and in last keep reading and keep writing.

About the author: Hira Hashmani

Hi my name is Hira Fatima Hashmani. I am married woman and a mother of 1 kid. I love finding solutions for the problems rather than quitting from troubles. I write blogs to help people and try my best to make their life easy. Contact Details:

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  1. This is very motivating. I’ve got a full-time job and keeping my blog at a high standard is quite difficult. Thank you for sharing this, a lot of us need to read your article. Blogging is a constant on-going process.

  2. I have just started blogging this year and it really is alot of work and dedication. Some people don’t realise how much goes into blogging, so it’s really rewarding when you get a nice comment or appreciation and increase in traffic.

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