House Cleaning: Tips And Tricks To Clean Your House

A clean house is a paradise to live in, but somehow it is difficult to make it shine like a glass every time or even though we try too hard hard to make it look clean but few places and corners are left to spot on and eventually they are filled with dusts. As your family grows your entire space of working also grow and every one in the family is too busy to encounter these daily challenges and your this life style of one man army can drain you and put you in stress. Clean house gives you a step ahead to the goal of beautiful house, However there are few tricks to make your this big problem an easy mission, and all your dedication will make you successful.


Starting from bedroom is a clever choice to carry on , set the beds and change the bed sheet if required, check your comfort if needed to launder put in laundry or else keep it on the edge of bed with nice fold, remove the dust from furniture or wipe it with cloth look at the top of the ceiling a grimy fan is waiting for you remove all the dirt with the help of hand duster, clean all the room door with cloth if they are of wood and for glass doors use a clean paper and trigger spray now vacuum the whole area or broom it and mop it with water and nice fragrant detergent.


bathroom cleaning

AAAAH ! For some people bathroom is a damn place to think what’s going in life and what they want to do next and few just go to relax in shower but what if you can see all the bacteria with your naked eye I am damn sure you won’t have the trip again. Clean the the mirrors with a cloth or good dry paper because mixing with detergent and water splash could affect the back mirror polish. Clean the upper sides of flash tank, for soaps and shampoo rack first remove all the products then sponge and scrub it with bathroom cleaner don’t forget the sink from top to bottom and your bath tubs too hang all the towels rugs to dry and clean the bathroom floor by spreading bathroom cleaner with plastic broom  leave it for a while, wash it soak the water from wiper broom.

kitchen cleaning livingwaysout

Your kitchen is a more dangerous place than your bathroom if it’s kept filthy, it is the place where you cook different delicious meals and feed your family and all your left overs and unwashed crockery is placed on the counters or sink, here are the few tips which can help you making your kitchen tidy. Don’t place unwashed crockery for a long time on kitchen counters they invite many other insects to poke in your kitchen, keep the cabinets clean by dividing them into sections that where to put what keep the alignment of things and most important clean the kitchen surface regularly.

cleaning liing room livingwaysout


Living area is the center of attention of a home, if it looks messy than the impact of whole house seems bad. Pick all the unwanted item scattered all over the living area, keep all rugs and mats aside and twitch them to dust off, clean the frames and photographs with intense care so it don’t break, remove the cobwebs from windows, doors and ceilings dust-off the furniture and remove stains if any, do walls once in a year vacuum the whole area and mop it with fragrant detergent.

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  1. This blog is ‘need of the hour’ for me. Important thing I learnt from your blog is to start from the bedroom. that is a very good tip! I always do the other way round which it is not much effective. Energy levels drop by the time i finish Living and kitchen. Thanks for sharing

  2. Amazing! I hate cleaning. It is something that must be done, yet I procrastinate and it takes me twice as long. This simple checklist will help me stay on track for sure! Thank you

  3. This is such an helpful tips and ideas! I also hate cleaning so I always maintained cleanliness to our home as much as possible.

  4. I oddly enough love cleaning – it’s a stress reliever for me. However, I love cleaning my own mess, not so much other people’s haha. I guess I will see if I continue to enjoy it once I’m older with a family… only time will tell 😛

  5. I love cleaning our house and rearranging our furniture . These helpful tips will keep me inspired more on cleaning. Thanks for the tips

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