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“Health” what comes in your mind first when you hear the word “health” or “being healthy” it may be that being healthy means the perfect BMI you have or you must look immensely muscular if you are men or distinctly skinny if you are women , these all are the phantasm which an individual carry in it’s mind. but what actually health is ?Health not only include our physical looks our social well-being and mental states counts a lot. If you think by just getting perfect BMI (weight according to height) you will become healthy or can achieve good look , No it’s not like that may be that height and weight can’t give you that body posture you need but you may feel weak inside and else you think that just doing exercise for few months or years to gain the perfect shape and after that you will be the same for whole life , No it’s also not like that to be in shape you have to continue the exercise routine daily to keep your self fit for the whole life.

Good health means good fitness program you can take out few minutes from your daily hectic routine and you really don’t need to exercise or yoga daily but few days from the whole week, and keep in mind try to be healthy not to look good only. I must add that it’s not bad to look good but health must be on top priority as perfect cardiovascular activities and bones could give you a healthy and prolong life. here are few tips how you can manage your over all health.

1) Healthy food :Any thing that is described healthy and nutritious in social media doesn’t mean it will suit your body and you will become fit every individuals body perform differently . Try to find out which subsistence suits your metabolism because a good metabolism refer to fine fettle body . if you will eat according to the body need the cells will work more properly and can gain the required nutrients for the body.

2) Calories count : Now a days it’s very easy to hold calories count . There are so many applications in mobile phones which can easily detect how much of your everyday calorie consumption is and can also calculate how much you have taken or you may need . Calorie balance can relieve the exta effort of exercise.

3) Yoga : Yoga is the best way to control your body and mind and for meditation it is the best exercise . This can give you self mastery and a person can manage his mood swings and emotions , Usually people perform it to keep the body in shape , Yes it does keep your body in shape but it has more outcome on your mental health.

4) Regular body inspection : People always have an unwilling behavior towards the regular body checkup . I can give you important recommendation over it and it’s that you must have a family doctor or a doctor you have been visiting since your childhood because after you non other than he understands your body and medical history so he would be aware of what your body is going through or will go through . Routine medical tests can save your body from tremendous troubles.

5) Body Exercise : It is most common myth prevailed in our society that exercise must be done after a specific age , No it’s not like that you have often seen when infants are born they have been given a kind of massage which includes folding of hands and legs stretching when infants can have exercise according to their age why not you . It is important to exercise make it your habit and by exercise doesn’t mean you are bounded daily for 3 to 4 hours , it’s okay if you do exercise 3 days a week for an hour or two . There are so many exercises which can help you out for good trim body .

6) Mind Exercise : Save your mind from zinc coat that usually takes it’s place when we stop thinking or limitate our vision . Try to do some mind works like sum or play cross words , scrabble , puzzle you can also research and write . These petite exercise can give your mind an actual boost and vast dimensions to think.

Some of the mistakes which people usually make on their spending on food . They drain much money on junk food on the basis of their family preference over junk food this costs less but it’s very harmful on the other side healthy food is a bit high price but the wise choice is to expend money on healthy foods like fruits vegetables rather than taking your body to danger . This little habit can low down the increasing child obesity rate in the world and a person can teach good values of health to it’s children . Every individual is busy in it’s own life but however these few measures can promise you a good healthy and long life with all your physical and mental well being.

About the author: Hira Hashmani

Hi my name is Hira Fatima Hashmani. I am married woman and a mother of 1 kid. I love finding solutions for the problems rather than quitting from troubles. I write blogs to help people and try my best to make their life easy. Contact Details:

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  1. Great post! Do you have any yoga circuits or programs you favor? I’ve been considering adding it to my daily workout (which consists only of cardio atm) for months but haven’t taken that step.

  2. Thanks for sharing these useful tips. I totally agree with your point about making the effort to choose healthy groceries and spending a bit more on high quality foods instead of buying cheap junk food. I’ve found that when I take the time to plan out our meals in advance, it’s much easier to buy high quality foods and still not spend an excessive amount. Thanks for sharing your advice! 🙂

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