Brittle nails : Really a matter to worry about ?

From past few days i have been noticing internet is buzzed with the slogans that your nails can diagnose your health , I mean seriously if only nails can decide this what is the purpose to study medicine and clinical laboratory well after reading enormous and number of articles i decided to jump in the chaotic situation where everyone was one verge to check others nails whether they are fit or not, like others i was curious too so I step-in as i first checked my nails and on my prognosis I was suffering from thyroid, diabetes, liver failure and many other diseases because all the symptoms written there were matching my nail attributes. I was in deep tension how I could be so fit if i have this long list of diseases, Up till now I must be on ventilator  but i am living and dealing livingwaysout and want you to know that every piece of loaded information might not be correct you have to check whether it is correct or not or you can easily identify using your common sense. I will be discussing the top 5 reasons of brittle nails which directly won’t show the problems related to health but the factors which cause the nails to be brittle


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The most common and unquestionable reason for brittle nails is aging . As aging is reflected on skin and hairs it is evident on our nails too as we grow the pattern of nail matrix also changes from thick to thin they develop ridges also they are more liable to discoloration and can break easily. Brittleness as the result of aging is usually noticeable on the toe nail first if not and you see a rapid change in your nails and their growing behavior and you aren’t that aged than it becomes a thing to notice, check with your provider what could be the reason other than aging.


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Medication side effect could be another reason for dry and ridged nails. For the time you have been noticing that something is fishy going at your nail side and you are in an intense feeling that yet another disease to come, don’t panic it could be the side effect of the present medicines you are taking some times cancer patients have to go through such intense treatment that it effect their skin and nails, their nails become flaky and pale. Be calm once you are treated everything will be okay



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Fashion ! Fashion ! Fashion and it’s passion is every where our social sites are buzzed with nail arts now a days and to make our nail look stylish and classy the beautician uses variety of product on our nails to make them look adorable but some times it’s excessive use can damage the base of our nails and too much use of polishers and removers can make the shine of your nails go away and leave them rough and chipped. it’s good to look beautiful but it’s more good to look healthily beautiful. I am not against any beautician or beauty product but a friendly advice to protect your nails from early damage





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The vulnerability to chemicals in this modern age is too much each and every product we use for cleaning is a combination of various chemicals which not only dry our skin but nails too these harsh chemicals make our nails brittle if you are daily in contact with these chemicals the results can upset you. Extreme use of these products can make you nails chipped and flaky. Try to use detergents which are emollient so you can protect your nail.



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Our body needs lubricant sweat and sebaceous glands are the natural lubricant for the body for some environmental reasons if the body don’t make these lubricant like in cold our body don’t sweat too much and hence skin and nails get dry at that time you really need to use moisturizers in order to protect your nails and matter of concern comes later if these artificial moisturizers don’t work than it could be a health issue and you can get checked by your physician is every thing going okay inside your body.




One thing I want to mention here is that if you see your nails are brittle for a  very long time so the best person to contact in this matter is your doctor. Have a happy healthy life and do let me know in comment section how much this article was helpful to you.

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