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Thicker hair is the wish of every person and when it comes to styling your hair this characteristic is really important as it enhance your beauty, I never knew until my mom started forcing me to take care of my hairs and make it thicker and stronger. My hairs were always baby thin type texture but lots of hard work, patience and care made them perfect. I am going to share some hair pointing ideas with you guys so you can come up with your hair problems.



Massage plays the splendid role in efficient hair growth , usually baby hairs are present at forehead or at back neck, massage regularly with the tip of your fingers to the area with little amount of oil (you can choose any oil ) lightly , you will notice the difference in few weeks.



A good hairstyle gives you an overall good look but don’t go for the hairstyles which demands over spraying, straightening, curling and ironing this can damage your hair more which will result in thinning of hairs , prefer braids or natural wavy hairs.



Get your hairs trimmed as if you see they need it and stop your hair growth at one desired length according to your hair texture, the time you see your hairs are looking like a bush from bottom get them cut and let them fixed at that suitable level instead of making them long focus on making them healthy and thick once they are healthy and thick they will have endurance to be lengthen.

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