Oily Skin: How To Prevent Oil From Face

Oily skin can be a very frustrating problem when it calls the unwanted guests like acne and pimples, due to oily skin your face shines extra and gives place to white/black heads. This greasy texture on your face makes you more embarrassed when you are attending any party or gathering and greeting people there with your cheeks, well there are few measures you can take to reduce the production of sebum from your skin.sebum is made by the sebaceous glands that are found around the hair follicles. Sebum is actually made of triglyceride and free fatty acids as this system is controlled by our cells so from inside the body hereditary and hormones play the major role and outside humidity, travelling, pollution, certain cosmetic products and your diet can be the main culprits. However there are few tips and habits which can help you to prevent oil from your skin.


  1. WASH YOUR FACE PROPERLY  : Wash your face daily at least twice a day in morning and at night to remove dirt and oil from face and to  make your face produce less oil the more you wash your face the more it will get dry and situation will become more worse try to keep balance as oily skin is not a curse your skin need oil to keep rejuvenate, but too much oil can also create problems so balance is necessary. Make a habit to wash your face at night because after that you only have to do is to sleep you don’t get involve with the outside dirt and pollution.
  2. TAKE PROPER DIET: Balance diet is the key to every body’s problem, proper diet is the best solution to overcome the inside body problems, less the intake of fatty foods which merge(in simple way) with  triglycerides so automatically sebum have much back-up fuel to produce more oil. Eat fish, nuts because the oil which these food contains are those which actually your body wants. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables which are proven to be good for the skin. 
  3. STAY HYDRATED:  Drinking plenty of water can do magic, because of too much oil on your skin can create clog in pores which result in double shade skin or dry and oily skin , drinking good amount of water at least 8 glasses or 2 liters  keeps your skin hydrated and stop sebaceous glands to produce more oil because water plays it parts to make it fresh, avoid carbonated drinks, cocktails because it cut down your thirst and make you feel less thirsty. 
  4. USE CLEANSERS: Use cleansers but the mild ones which are not harsh on your skin. Avoid those cleansers which makes your skin excessively dry and rough, cleansers keep your skin clean and make sebum produce less oil . using cleansers with lukewarm water like about the same body temperature as it get compatible with the breakage of dirt and bad fats from your skin.
  5. POWDER YOUR FACE: Powder your face to make it look less shiny because of oily skin , powder can balance your skin very well but don’t use too much powder that it fire backs you using it too much can make it settle in pores and you can encounter acne and pimples. Use powder during day time as it will help to settle your skin.
  6. USE OIL-FREE MAKEUP: Use oil free-makeup  because oily makeup can make your face look more oily and shiny , powdered foundations and blush-on’s are good choice avoid liquid foundations, eye shadows and nose contours. There are so many products available in market which are oil free and skin friendly
  7. APPLY TONER:  Toners can be help full to close the pores which invite various bacteria to create acne. Apply toner to the areas where you feel more oil and do wash your face after applying toner
  8. TAKE GOOD SLEEP: Take proper sleep because when you sleep your whole body takes rest too much stress and less sleep can fluctuate your cells and hormones . at least 6-8 hour sleep is necessary for healthy body and skin, use clean pillows while you sleep or put you hand under your face as shown in the pic it will protect your face against dust and germs. 
  9. FACE MASSAGE:Massage your face twice a week for good blood circulation , blood supply to all the areas of your face can make the even distribution to every part of face. Massaging clean your deep pores also and cleans the fixed dirt from your face
  10. DAILY EXERCISE: Daily exercise is important to keep all your body working , exercise reduce stress also, losing bad fats can make your skin produce less oil.

About the author: Hira Hashmani

Hi my name is Hira Fatima Hashmani. I am married woman and a mother of 1 kid. I love finding solutions for the problems rather than quitting from troubles. I write blogs to help people and try my best to make their life easy. Contact Details: livingwaysout@gmail.com

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  1. This is me, this is all me! I’ve found cutting out junk food made a huge difference, and drinking loooooots of water! Must try to get more exercise in though…..

  2. These are great tips for oily skin. I suffer from oily skin myself and I clean my skin twice a day and I put Vitamin-E oil as well. I find that it smoothes my skin without having that “glossy” look.

  3. This would’ve been so helpful for my older sister in her teenage years LOL. It really is important information, though. That oil can be so annoying!!!

  4. Trust me, this was soooo helpful. I have an oily skin and in summers it gets over oily so I am having a rough time controlling the oil 🙁 will definitely try your tips and trick 😉 Thanks for this post, Hira !

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