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Hairs are the utmost attribute to your beauty, when you are so conscious about your hairs what to choose and what not you do a little bit research so what i did when i was encountering the hair fall, that dryness and less volume all those solutions and workout lead me to beautiful and healthy hairs again. There are numerous factors which can cause hair fall and dryness it could be the extreme temperatures, over shampooing or excessive dying you have to first pinpoint what is the problem going on with your hairs. Here are some tips which can surely guide you and give you lustrous hairs .


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If you are facing extreme hair fall and couldn’t find out what solution fits in it just relax, there is no need to get panic. The most top reason for hair fall is deficiency of any vitamin or mineral in your body. Vitamin B3 is responsible to reduce hair loss so have diet which is rich in vitamin B3 like turkey, chicken, green peas and mushrooms, When you done with this first step make sure you are giving good time to your hairs in combing and tying your hairs don’t let them tangle always regular combing (2 times a day) will give you good results and one more thing to consider in order to avoid hair fall is with what type of water you are washing your hairs usually salty water don’t suits hair especially to those who have already dry hairs this will make your hair more dry which leads to damage of hairs, wash your hairs with fresh water and keep your scalp clean from sodium chloride present in salt water.


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Dryness is a problem which is not too much hard to tackle few tips can advantage you very high and you can have shiny hairs. As i told you before salt water can make your hair dry so avoid salt water. Don’t shampoo your hair too much because they contain so many elements that destroy the natural shine of your hair, shampoo your hairs 3 times a week and refrain excessive dying of hairs always use authentic products which may not harm your hairs and scalp. I have seen people they go to salons for hair dyes completes the whole process of dying and ask to change the hair color or density of streaks if they don’t like the color they have chosen don’t be in too hurry wait for at least 3 weeks or more rather than rushing into the parlor on same day or day after because intense chemical work on hairs can make it more dry. Use oils and moisturizers there are few oiling tips which can help you in moisturizing your hairs.


Less volume of hairs leads to less hair styles. This thing use to make me sad when i was facing the issue of less volume in hairs but some techniques really helped me out which i am gonna share with you guys, the first thing i did for the thickness of my hairs was i keep myself hydrated  and massage my hairs , massaging will be really a beneficial deal to your hairs it stimulates the hair growth by circulation of blood around the area, take good intake of folic acid as it plays vital role in hair growth, wash you hairs with lukewarm water as it will help to open the pores. Make braid in two partitions of hairs so that the work for your scalps divide on two sides as you see in growth of plants. There are few tips to make your hairs thicker.


Apart from all advices given above, you have to keep patience in order to see results, all these damages take time to heal.


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  1. Dying hair can really damage. Although it adds a great character when your hair glows with such colors , its best that we should also be aware of how to take good care of them afterwards. Thanks for the awesome tips.

  2. Its so true. Damage takes time to fix itself, getting regular cuts and treatments and styling it less makes such a huge difference!!

  3. i love this…cox my hairs is also getting too much damage ..nd i get the solution from ur article thankewww so much

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