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Cooking is not as easy as it’s considered by those who don’t cook and housekeeping moms need to face this challenge every day , waking up in the morning thinking what to prepare for the breakfast and from breakfast to lunch , evening snacks till dinner and if some special guests make their appearance that hustle and bustle moment can drain you. Chicken gravy, lentil soups, beef gravy, bread or rotis are the normal practicing recipes which have been cooked in homes often. But usually family members get bored of it even you get jaded of cooking the same historic recipes, a good change is must make your family happy and healthy.

Don’t make cooking an exhausting job for yourself, first decide what you want to cook? The step 1 is a major issue just have a look what you have been cooking back and what you are missing? if you try different cuisines always its okay then , but if you don’t think in mind what else you can make, for the first try on new recipes go with chicken as it’s quick to cook or else what your family member likes . Buy recipe books or search on internet there are thousands of recipes you can find. Perfect balance of salt and spices can make the meal flavorsome. Don’t use same ingredients in every recipe different components gives different tastes.

If you are living in east try western cuisines or if living in west try eastern cuisines, customarily eastern cuisines are less popular in west but have relish taste and various ingredients. Busy men and women can reduce the load of cooking by relying on ready to cook food for once or twice a week but health and hygiene is very important. Fix one day from week to decide what you gonna cook the whole week check out whether you have ingredients or not and also select a day within 15 days or month to buy grocery . Mouthwatering pickles and sauces can make the meal palatable, salads are also the healthy and nutritious choice to go with your food, and you can also add soups along this will give you a quiet change if you are making the same old recipes.

Make food in heavy pots or pans this makes the cooking faster and you don’t need to wait too much for tenderizing the meat or else you can use pressure cookers, one more thing is that if you are trying a new dish first read the recipe and understand it, make in mind that you are cooking it this can help you find where you can stuck. Once you are done start cooking and cutting the ingredients by side. Do not waste time in first cutting and gathering the ingredients and then cooking do both the things side by side . If you think or find it from family review that your today’s cuisine was super delicious just note down the way you cooked today which things you added first or method you applied. These are the very few but genuine tips which can help out in cooking and can make your life uncomplicated.

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  1. I love to cook so I don’t need any further way to make it fun and easy. However, I might need to pass this along to my roommate!

  2. I agree! I find cooking relaxing. To re-word a quote “Cooking’s a journey not a destination” because I enjoy the process and the taste tests more than the actual meals. Of course, seeing people enjoy your dish is another feeling. Well done!

  3. I love to cook and try new recipes. But there are still some days when it is a chore instead of a pleasure. And the mental hurdle over what to cook is some times the hardest part. I really find it far less stressful on days when cooking is a chore if I’ve made a menu plan and don’t have to decide on a meal on the fly. I also try to have some staples on hand for easy meals in case were between menu plans.

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