Meet Hira

Hi I am Hira Hashmani, living a contented life in Karachi I am 24 year old married woman and mother of a child. I love to spend most of my time in taking care of my 2 year old son and writing blogs , i love reading books and research on articles is my favorite hobby to do, apart from this my hairs are my life I put extra effort for their growth and try to find out different solutions to ease them.

I am a sister of very talented person Ali Akber he is the one who knows my hidden talent of convincing people through writing and insisted me to write blogs, He handles designs, photographs and SEO. My life revolves around another most kind-hearted person to whom I met in 2013 kashif Hashmani my husband, He is a banker and supports me in writing blogs . we gave birth to our son on 19/2/2015 parenting is a joyful journey and both of us are learning to design the map to it and sharing our experiences.

I am a free soul and value other’s opinion and their existence in my life. I love music and dancing and really appreciate those who are reviving this culture in my country. In short i love my life and want others to love theirs.